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just keep swimming

Ever since the Austin Half Marathon, training for the Oklahoma City Marathon has been on my mind. I want to be faster, improve my time, and be proud of the training that I’ve completed. Along with challenging myself to eat healthier, I decided to incorporate cross training into my running workouts. Cross training is something that has always been on the back burner for me, but I decided to make it a priority when it comes to this training cycle.

One of the things I decided to dedicate myself to is swimming laps, even though I hadn’t swam for real since junior high. Per a few times in the summer of 2009, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. And it wasn’t enough that I was the only girl attending the University’s obscure pool hours (8-9:45 pm, really??) everyone really really looked like they were professionals. So I would wait, until everyone else was swimming, and watch them. I watched children’s swimming lessons and youtube videos. And tonight I finally graduated from the backstroke to the freestyle.

When it comes to running, I’m improving and getting better. But sometimes it’s nice to learn a new skill. And I’ll just keep swimming!


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goodbye, 301.5.

As some of you know, (…or not…)  I’ve been staying at my new house since Sunday. A marathon of moving boxes paraded through my weekend and I managed to get most of my belongings out of my garage apartment and into my house. I’ve gained two new roommates, a front loader washer and dryer, direct TV, a garage, a backyard, a dog, and a closet to die for. I haven’t had a closet this big since elementary school. And we all know that is one of the most important things in life.

But I’ve also gained a 15 minute commute to work, a new neighborhood where I have to figure out my running routes, and a room without a TV to watch GMA in the morning (which by Saturday should be corrected). There are things I know I’ll miss about my old place. But it was time for a change.

I know I talk about seasons of life but living in that tiny little garage apartment was such a crazy season of my life. A lot of things happened during that time but the one that really sticks in my mind is that little place is where I became a runner. It’s where I strapped on my running shoes and tried to run a mile without stopping. It’s where I trained for my first half marathon, and my second. Running down Boulevard and back. It’s going to be weird not taking that route every day.

But all good things must end and I can tell I will be happy in my new place. I have big plans for my room and also for summer days at the community pool. This is just another season, and I can’t wait to see what it will bring.


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austin half marathon [day 3] [race day!]

On Sunday we woke up around 6 am and started getting ready for the race. We had heard it was going to be warm, so I wore black legging capris, my race shirt, and a black pullover and a hat. I was thinking that I was going to throw the pull over off once it got hot. We walked to the start line, which was right in front of the Texas State Capital and waited. Once they started and we were off!

I underestimated the hills. They were killer! But I was feeling good the first miles of the race. The course took us through the cute little hippie neighborhoods of Austin, across the river and into those little artsy pockets of the city. But it came with a price. Hills. There were lots of people on the course, with really funny and clever signs. I would have to say that the OKC Half Marathon had more people and the feeling was a lot more emotional. There were a bunch of signs in Austin that said “Ryan Gosling is waiting at the end for you!” and I also saw some Sweet Brown signs, which surprised me. But she’s apparently a national treasure.

At mile 3 I was really hot, so I took my pullover off and tied it around my waist. I couldn’t bear to throw it away! From mile 3 to 6, it was all uphill. So that was tough but I kept my pace pretty well. From miles 6-9, the course was downhill, so that was easy. Once I got to mile 10, the hills started coming more and more frequent. It was also starting to get really sunny and hot. Mile 11 I started to walk a little bit and talk and sing and pray out loud. There was one hill, lord jesus ain’t nobody got time for that. I was crying going up it, it was so steep. One lady came up behind me and said “keep going, you’re doing so well!”. Once I got to the top, I thought that was it, but there were hills all the way until the end. I crossed the finish line at 2:56, which is 10 minutes less than my OKC Half Marathon. I really wanted to be under 3 hours, and I was. But my next goal is even more intense… more details coming on that issue.  OKC Avg Pace: 14:19, Austin Avg Pace: 13:43. But factoring in the hills, I’m thinking that when I do the OKC Half this year (as long as I prepare and stick to my training and eating well) I can shave even more time off.

So I crossed the finish line and I have to say that the finishers spread wasn’t really that great. In OKC, they have cheeseburgers and chocolate milk and basically anything you could ever want. I just had a bottle of water, a banana, and two little cookies. So I was starving when we went to go eat.

We all met at Starbucks and when everyone finished we snapped a picture:



We walked to brunch place called Moonshine, and the wait was like 2 hours. Some of the girls left and we sat at the bar and eventually all had seats so we could eat. It was a really upscale brunch buffet, and it was soooo good. At one point I thought I was eating mashed potatoes but they were grits. Don’t hold it against me. BUT RED VELVET PANCAKES THO.  I couldn’t really enjoy it though, I was just so exhausted.

It turns out we all were, because we found a van with a girl selling Girl Scout cookies and we each bought two boxes each for a ride back to the hotel. Sometimes I can’t believe my life. But at least we didn’t have to walk the two miles back.

We all laid down and napped after that, and got up around 4 to get ready to go out. We decided on Shoal Creek Grill, which was delicious and not crowded. We had $5 Hurricanes and chicken fried steak. It was a great post-race meal.


Then we went to Rainey St, which is a strip of houses that have been turned into bars. I actually liked that type of nightlife better than 6th Street. It was really chill and you could tell that it was locals there. We went to Lustre Pearl and then The White House:



The White House is a Charity Bar. Which means it’s an open bar, and the money that you would spend on drinks goes to 50 or so of the Charities that they have all over the walls. Apparently when it’s a little busier, there’s a cover charge, and a portion of that goes to the different charities. I just thought that was really cool! We had a great time in this place, playing “headbands” and chatting it up with some guys from New York. Lots of laughs were had. We got a cab back to the hotel and chatted for awhile (after eating lots of girl scout cookies and doubletree cookies) and then went to bed.


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austin half marathon [day 2]

After a late night on 6th Street, Cyndi and I woke up bright and early to go do a “shake out” run, basically get our muscles ready for the race tomorrow. We thought it was a good idea since we had been sitting in the car all day the day before. We walked from our hotel to Zilker Park where there were a bunch of runners gathering. One thing I had heard about Austin was that it was very dog friendly. And that was right. There were dogs everywhere. Just running around. I wanted to stand with my hands out and have them come running to me. I just loved it. The park was gorgeous.

Bart Yasso (Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World) gave us a pep talk and we did a quick 3 miles in the park. Here’s a picture from my run:



LIKE THAT WAS THE ACTUAL VIEW. It was gorgeous and beautiful weather. We walked back towards the hotel and decided to stop at a Farmer’s market and get some breakfast:



Literally the best food I’ve ever eaten. Kolache with apple, brie and bacon, and Eggs Benedict on Kolache bread with pork and a fresh farm egg and also asparagus and truffle oil. If I could eat like that every day I would literally be in heaven. I loved this part of the vacation because it didn’t really feel like a vacation, It felt like I lived there and I was going for a run with my friend and getting some breakfast on a Saturday morning.

We walked back to the hotel and got ready to go to the expo and pick up our race packets. I didn’t really like the expo. It was way too crowded. All I needed to pick up were some running socks, so we weren’t there long. We kind of explored the city while drinking a ton of water, so I had to pee every 5 seconds.

We ended up meeting up with some others in the group around 4:30 and going to dinner at an Italian restaurant. This part was disappointing because I didn’t like my meal, and the service sucked. Our waiter was rude and my food tasted weird. One of the other girls let me eat the rest of her spaghetti so I wasn’t starving.

This was the part of the trip that my nerves kicked in. The first time I ran a half I was nervous, but it was a different kind of nervous. I had literally no idea what to expect in this race. I had heard the course was hilly, but I had no idea how hilly it was going to be. I also knew it was going to be sunny and cold, and through all of my training I usually ran on cloudy days, so I didn’t know how the sun was going to affect me. So it was hard to eat.

We got back to the hotel, and Jess and I walked down to 7-11 so I could grab some breakfast for the next morning and some Tylenol PM to help calm my nerves and help me sleep. I took a sleep aid the last time I ran a half and it helped me so much to get a good night’s rest. I think we were all in bed around 9pm. Then it was time for race day!


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austin half marathon [day 1]

I’ve just gotten back into the swing of things after getting home yesterday evening! I tried to catch up as much as I could at work, but when you have 100+ emails to attend to, that makes for a lot of coffee!

I always hate the feeling after a vacation. Because everything that you’ve been looking forward to is suddenly over. And especially with this vacation, since I had been training for this half marathon since the day after Thanksgiving. I learned a lot training for my second half marathon, and I realized a lot after.

Thursday night (Valentine’s Day) I went the OKC Thunder game with a bunch of my girlfriends. Although the Thunder lost (pretty badly actually) we had a great time, and ate before at a new mexican place in Bricktown, Yucatan Taco Stand. It was more of an upcale Fuzzy’s, without all the college kids. After nachos and Thunderitas, we were ready to watch the Thunder play the Heat.


Kaylie and I in Loud City


On Friday Cyndi and I took my car bright and early, packed it up and headed south for the weekend. We stopped a few times on the way to Austin, once at Winstar to see if we could win any extra money for our trip. I came out a loser:

It was a nice trip down, and we ended up checking into the hotel first, around 4. We stayed at the DoubleTree, which overlooked all of Downtown Austin. I literally could not believe our view, and found any excuse to keep the balcony open. 


We laid down for a bit and waited for the other girls to arrive. Everyone checked in and we hit 6th Street around 11. I had never been to 6th St before, and I was not disappointed.  You could definitely tell that it was a tourist attraction, and there was all sorts of people there. We hit a few bars and ate. Mostly we got all of our drinks for free, which was insane to me. I kept drinking them and then expecting them to ask us to sign up for a subscription to “The Oklahoman” Guys would just stand outside the bars and invite us in for a free round. I guess that’s how they get guys to come into the bars as well. We ended up going to three or four and then made our way back to the hotel via rickshaw and to the tune for $25. That was like so crazy to me. We got ripped off.

SHORT INTERJECTION: We were at one “shot” bar and these guys offered to buy us a round of shots. We asked for a lunchbox (which is famously served in a hole in the wall bar in OK) and they made it a totally different way. But it was SO GOOD. A lunchbox is oj, coors, and an amaretto shot dropped in. At this place, the used PBR and had a nice rational of beer and oj, and you dropped the shot in yourself to drink. I felt like I was cheating on Edna’s lunchboxes but they were soooo good.

Here’s a picture of us at Chupacabras and one of our “free” drinks:


Friday Night:


Cyndi and I


Jessica and I



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from the vault: valentine’s day memories

1999  – I was in 5th grade and in my Social Studies Class we learned about  The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. Why a teacher would cover that on the actual holiday is BEYOND ME.  Cue 5th grade girls crying. I think I learned what death was that day.

2000 – I sent Nate Rogers a Crush soda with a balloon tied to the pop tab and a note from his “Secret Admirer”. This was the first of many stalkerish things that I did in relation to my obsession with Nathan Rogers. Including, but not limited to, writing in my Senior Salute (which went in the yearbook) that I had a crush on him since 5th grade. When I was a high school senior.  Anyway, I never told anyone that I did it for fear of junior high humiliation. But having that secret was $1 well spent.

2003 – Nicoma Park Junior High Valentine’s Day Formal Dance. I think was the official title. I remember my dress, it was black and had a straight across top, and hot pink tulle that peaked out from the bottom. That dress made it all the way to college until I cut it up to use as a top for a date party in which I went as Sexy Sandy from Grease. Anyway, I think this is where I watched Sara King freak dance to User’s “Yeah” for the first time.

2005 – My first boyfriend put a teddy bear dressed as Phantom of the Opera in my locker, and a red rose with a black ribbon around it. For some reason I thought this was The Most Romantic Thing Ever. I carried the bear around all day. I think the red rose was in my 1997 Grand Prix dashboard until I sold that car. This was my first and last Valentine’s Day Present from a boyfriend. Important Edit: I ended up cutting up the teddy bear and throwing it in Arcadia Lake my Freshman year of college. 

2008 – My roommate’s boyfriend broke up with her 2 days before Valentine’s Day. We went to Red Robin for dinner on Valentine’s Day and had a really great time. I remember this being one of my favorite memories from this holiday. Still bitter about the timing of that breakup.

2011– My roommates and I had a Valentine’s Day Rager. I invited a bunch of people that I waited tables with, and made like 250 jello shots. I had just downloaded Instagram and I didn’t really grasp the concept so there was a bunch of pictures of V-Day decorations in a toaster filter. I remember standing in the kitchen taking a shot of Ciroc, if that tells you anything. We decorated the whole house. All of my roommates were super happy because we were all getting action. One of my co-workers fell asleep in the bathroom. The next day we went to The Shack and had unlimited mimosas. Then I got a kidney stone. So that was a thing that happened.

What will 2013 bring? Only the OKC Thunder knows…yes that’s correct! I will be attending the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat  Valentines Day game. I’m pumped! Until next time,


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the beanie is back and thoughts on nyfw

When I was in junior high, my parents moved. Even though I was in the same school district, I was forced to attend a different junior high and take a different bus route. (I will make my children take the bus from as early as possible until they can drive. I learned many life lessons on the bus but that’s another story). I was upset, but also excited at the possibility to become a different person. It was my 9th grade year, I was going to rule the school, and when I got to high school I would know all the students, since the two junior highs merged.

When I stepped on the bus for the first time, I was assigned a seat. Number 13, and next to Elise. Elise was my first cool friend. In the early 2000’s, she listened to Nirvana, smoked cigarettes and painted pictures of her uterus. This was a far cry from musical rehearsals and show choir competitions I had come from. We became fast friends and she introduced me to her circle of friends, many of which who incorporated thrifted tees, safety pins and combat boots into their wardrobe. These people were fiercely loyal. I remember a boy in my grade had called me albino (because of my fair complexion) and my lesbian friend Kim punched him in the back of the head during lunch hour. They also expressed themselves through fashion in a way I had never seen before. I hadn’t stepped into a Hot Topic until I moved to Midwest City and Nicoma Park Junior High. The mall was such a foreign place in Newalla.

The only thing standing between the total upheaval of my wardrobe and me was my parents. Mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair, pierce my lip, or get a tattoo (which at the time was illegal in Oklahoma, even for people of age. My friends had a few). I remember wanting a pair of arm warmers so badly I snuck into the Hot Topic when I was at the mall with my cousin and buying that coveted striped pair. Mom wouldn’t let me wear ties like Avril, and everything hurt. So I retaliated by filling my closet with black (Arizona brand from JC Penney)

I think sometimes those experiences translate into my fashion now. I like most things with an edge. I wear a lot of black/gray/brown. I have tattoos and I’ve had my nose pierced (wanting to get it done again since my hole closed up). If things were different, I might have a full sleeve. It’s so interesting to me that all of my experiences contribute to the clothes I live my life in. So when I see the beanie is back, all of those feeeeeelings from jr high come rushing back. Can’t wait to pick one up! Here are some of my recent favorites:

(click the picture for the source)



The 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, I’m dying




Kate Spade, NYFW 2013


The last picture is from Kate Spade’s look during NYFW. I’ve been perusing the pictures via Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr and been loving it. I’ve wanted to see Fashion Week ever since Lauren Conrad worked for People’s Revolution on The Hills.

One show I was interested in was Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade. I was at Francesa’s the other day combing the clearance earrings and a woman stepped out of the dressing room and asked (to the entire store it sounded like)

Daughter: Who the f**k is that?
(another woman approaches)
Woman #2: You don’t look like Delta Burke but I can’t believe that style is back lolololololol
Woman #1: (to daughter) You’re too young to know what that show is, but I guess that style is in fashion now!
Me: (Googles Designing Women)




I’ve actually never watched that show or even heard of it before last week, but to my surprise:


Kate Spade


I guess it is back!! Thanks, weird blonde lady in Francesca’s!

And the Marc by Marc Jacobs had an early 70’s menswear feel:




That’s it for the fashion rant today – hope you all have a great Wednesday (and Galentine’s day!) I’m off to Austin this weekend to run the Livestrong Half Marathon, have fun with my girlfriends, shop, eat, and drink.